New Year, new me! Make your health kick last all year with a motivational notebook

Simply saying that you want to improve your health or go to the gym more is not going to make it so. Too many New Year resolutions fall at the first hurdle because people don’t consider how they are going to make them happen or even make a basic plan. This year, why not stick to your word and make use of a motivational notebook?

Our motivational notebooks are sturdy, attractive, small enough to carry and can help you to finally see a New Year’s resolution through to the end.

No matter what – don’t lose your motivation

Studies show that around 88% of New Year resolutions ultimately fail, with many of them being scrapped as early as January. Don’t be one of the quitters – commit to your goals and keep motivated to see your resolution through.

You have to bear in mind that New Year resolutions are not mandatory. No one is holding you down and forcing you to change. If you made a resolution to get healthier, work out more or write a novel, clearly there was a time when you wanted to change.

That was a choice you made all by yourself, and you should stick with it – if not for your own wellbeing, then at least for the opportunity to lord it over your friends who wasted £100 on a gym membership they never end up using.

Our motivational notebooks come emblazoned with positive messages of encouragement to help you stick to your resolution and keep you from folding under the pressures of temptation.

Track your progress

Some people might willingly give up, while others simply forget about their resolution altogether, but one of the biggest reasons people fail in their New Year’s resolution is because they do not record their progress.

Try breaking your goal down into several different stages or a series of smaller targets and plan them out throughout the year. For instance, if you wanted to quit smoking, you could aim to cut down from 10 a day to just seven, then gradually over time bring that number down to five – then two – then one – then none.

With a motivational notebook from Brook Street Notes, you can keep a diary of your progress. Recording this information not only helps you to stay on a strict regimen throughout the year, but it also catalogues your past successes and lets you know that you are making progress towards your goal. Without proof of progress, you might become aimless or feel like you are not making any progress and ultimately quit.

Stay motivated and write a diary of year-round success with a motivational notebook from Brook Street Notes. Check out our latest designs within our online motivational notebook section, or browse the rest of our notebooks to find a design that suits you.


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