About Us

Brook Street Notes exists to maximise each task, maximise every
day and to maximise life.

But improving our daily efficiency and winning time at work, study, sport and play
is not enough. Our snazzy journals and notebooks also need to enhance the functionality of your digital mobile device. Back up your online passwords and usernames without fear of them being hacked or compromised. Record your sports stats and keep them in your tennis or kit bag. No worries about leaving your expensive phone unprotected.

As a niche manufacturer and importer of journals, notebooks and diaries, we love creating products which make a difference to our customer’s daily lives. Funky colours, sleek design and manufactured to exacting specifications, our journals and notebooks will grace any desk top, and fit in handbags, briefcases or sports bags.


Our journal's applications are inspired by personal experience.

For us, at Brook Street Notes, the pen and notebook is way mightier than the keyboard when it comes to remembering tasks, reinforcing messages to yourself and fulfilling ambitions. Typing may be quicker on today's advanced keyboards, however once committed to the page, the written word is hard to ignore.


As an all inclusive, respectful organization, we value all thoughts and creative thinking regarding our product development. 

We endeavour to incorporate all stakeholders views in our product evolution. If this appeals, then join in our community conversation.

We hope you enjoy and profit from Brook Street Notes Journals and Diaries.